Laundry Room Mini Make Over

For a while now, I’ve been going through our house, one room at a time, and organizing and getting rid of stuff that we don’t use. I’m also trying to find uses for stuff we already have and discovering things I had completely forgotten about. I started small with the pantry. Then moved on to the coat closet in the living room. This past weekend I tackled the laundry room. I found things I had tucked away for later and decided to find a use for them now. What used to be my least favorite room in the house is now one of my most favorites. I actually enjoy spending time in there now.

Before (The horror!)


It could still use a little work, but I’ve kept it this way for quite a while, so I’m pretty proud of myself.

{I started this post a REALLY long time ago and decided it was time to add the pictures and share.}


suburban gardening

We’ve decided that you don’t have to have a farm to have a vegetable garden, and we planted one in our front yard. We made cute little raised beds from rough pine pickets and wooden stakes that we picked up from Home Depot. Then we filled it with veggie plants that we picked up at the local Farmer’s Co-Op. If you have the choice, I highly recommend buying your herbs and vegetable plants from a Co-Op. The prices are much better and they have a wider selection.

We’ve been working outside most weekends, completing a little project here and there. We took down the chain-link fence and have replaced it with a cute wooden fence. (Pictures to come.) Alston usually helps daddy while Eli hangs out on a quilt or in his pack-n-play. 

I have three prize tomato plants that I grew from seeds. I’m extremely proud. As big as the plants were, we haven’t gotten any tomatoes yet. I read online that it could be from improper fertilization. Several gardening forums said to shake the tomato plants. Yes, that’s right, shake them. So I did. Patrick thought I was crazy. Low and behold, we have lots of little green tomatoes growing now.

So far we’ve only managed to get a few banana peppers and a single jalapeno, but everything is very healthy and I expect we’ll have quite the little harvest soon enough. 


Hello, my name is Beth, and I’m a Pinterest Addict. 
Thankfully, I’ve dedicated myself to completing some of these wonderful projects I’ve pinned. Here are a few that I’m really proud of…
Homemade Curtain Rods 
Super easy! The supplies can be found at any home improvement store and cost less than $10. The rod is much sturdier than any store-bought rod and won’t bow under the weight of your curtains. You can paint them any color you want or leave them as is for an industrial feel. I will never buy overpriced flimsy curtain rods again!

DIY Curtain Rod Pinspiration
Eggshell Seedlings
I used to buy seed starter kits, but these are so much cuter and practically free!
Egg Shell Seedlings Pinspiration 1, 2
Twiggy Frame
I had every intention of putting chicken wire in this frame, but its oak, and the staple gun wasn’t cutting it. So instead, I used these store-bought sticks I had stored away and some hot glue to create this little beauty. I found the frame for $2 at a thrift store and painted it black. I used old stuff I had laying around for this project, so it ended up being free. 
Twiggy Frame Pinspiration | Chicken Wire Frame Pinspiration

Photo Ledge
I showed a picture to my wonderful husband and he whipped up this beauty in less than 30 minutes. The lumber cost less than $10 and we already had the white paint. He measured out where the studs were, and marked it on the shelf. He pre-drilled the holes in the shelf and then screwed it directly into the studs. I originally wanted this for the living room, but decided it would look much better in the kitchen. I’m in love. We plan on adding hooks to the bottom so I’ll have somewhere to hang my collection of aprons.

Picture Ledge Pinspiration 1, 2, 3
I currently have about 543 other ideas pinned, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for a while. Unfortunately, that won’t stop me from pinning more…


Patrick has been talking about how boring our living room is. He wanted to paint it. I was more interested in tackling other various house projects, but finally gave in. The only color we could agree on was brown. Dark brown. Like melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate brown. And that’s exactly what we got.

The kids were at my parents and our living room went from this…

To this…
It comes off a little dark, and not quite as warm as it is in person, but its seriously the color of a Hershey bar. Its Martha Stewart’s Molasses, but Behr paint. We used Martha’s paint in a few other rooms but weren’t very pleased. Sorry, Martha.
We both love  how rich it feels and doesn’t make the room dark at all. (The before picture was taken on a really sunny day. The after was taken on a somewhat overcast day.)

We have plans for fresh white crown moulding very soon. I’m also still trying to decided what to do about this big blank wall. (I’ve vetoed a picture frame collage.) I’ve got a few projects in mind, but haven’t decided on one yet. Any suggestions?

Spring Weekend Projects

Last weekend I decided we needed to do a few outside projects to welcome Spring. Alston and I headed to Home Depot after some seed packets and food for the bird feeders. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up having anything we needed, so we ended up at Walmart. 
I’ve been carefully cracking and saving my eggshells in hopes of using them for this fun little project with Alston. (I saw the idea to use eggshells to start seedlings on Pinterst, of course.)
Alston and I bought about $20 worth of seeds. If we planted them all, we’d end up with enough food to feed out whole neighborhood. (I have plans to build some raised beds in front out our detached garage.) We only had 12 shells to fill, and just happened to end up with 6 seed packets that needed to be started indoors. We planted Brandywine Tomatoes, Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes, California Wonder Bell Pepper, Sweet Spanish Yellow Utah Jumbo Onions, Black Beauty Eggplant and Great Lakes #118 Lettuce.
Alston wasn’t very involved in the planting process, but I did get him to drop a few seeds in. He was more interested in digging in the dirt.
While we were at Walmart, we also picked up some flowers to dress up our front doorstep.

Here is our super cute Easter egg door hanger that Susie made us.
Welcome Spring!

One week after planting them, we already have tomatoes, onions and lettuce growing!
(Yes, thats New Moon. Don’t hate.)

Pinspirational: Wreaths

Here are a few of my favorite wreaths, found on Pinterest, of course. I’ve taken ideas from a few of these and I’m in the process of working on a Fall Wreath for my front door. Hopefully I’ll have it finished soon. Fall is in the air!
Source: via Beth on Pinterest
And a tutorial on how to make cute felt flowers…

Alston’s 3rd Birthday: Pinspiration

I had a lot of fun planning Alston’s party this year, but the timing of Eli’s due date made everything a little more complicated. We originally scheduled Alston’s party for September 3rd, but decided there was too much going on that weekend (first football game, Labor Day weekend, etc.) and moved the party date last minute. Thankfully, most of our guests were able to come and everyone seemed to enjoy comingon a Friday evening and then having the rest of the weekend to themselves. I’m thinking friday night parties are definitely the way to go.

While planning Alston’s party, I went to my favorite resource, Pinterest. Usually, I save all of my ideas in a folder on my desktop, but often forget where I found them. This way I was able to keep track of everything and have access to all the sources in one simple place. Below are my favorite ideas; to see the entire pinboard, go here.

 (I ordered my cookies from Prime Cakes and found my the mustache candy molds here.)

This Weekend

Friday night I came home to a spotless house.
The floors were swept, the dishes were washed and put away, the laundry was clean and folded and I was happy. Originally, my weekend plans consisted of basic household chores – I wanted everything in order before we skip town next weekend. Luckily, for me, it was all finished by the time I got home. So instead of having to mess with the mundane, I had some free time to tackle some much needed organizational projects around the house. (Alston went and spent Saturday with Mimi & Paw Paw Alan.)

I managed to relocate all the leftovers that were hanging around in the nursery. The built-ins are prepped and ready for paint…

I cleaned out and reorganized the mancave closet, so I would have room to everything out of the nursery closet into mancave. (Patrick wanted to put up a little bit of a fight about having to share his space.)

I cleaned out my desk and reorganized all of our home office-y stuff…


I threw a bunch of stuff away and have a box ready to be donated.


I really wish the thrift store was open on Sundays, because I would drop off my donation and pick up an old scrabble game. I really want to make these:

I’m probably going to make this instead before the day is over…

And work some more on this little project…

(Image from Etsy)