Patrick has been talking about how boring our living room is. He wanted to paint it. I was more interested in tackling other various house projects, but finally gave in. The only color we could agree on was brown. Dark brown. Like melt-in-your-mouth-chocolate brown. And that’s exactly what we got.

The kids were at my parents and our living room went from this…

To this…
It comes off a little dark, and not quite as warm as it is in person, but its seriously the color of a Hershey bar. Its Martha Stewart’s Molasses, but Behr paint. We used Martha’s paint in a few other rooms but weren’t very pleased. Sorry, Martha.
We both love  how rich it feels and doesn’t make the room dark at all. (The before picture was taken on a really sunny day. The after was taken on a somewhat overcast day.)

We have plans for fresh white crown moulding very soon. I’m also still trying to decided what to do about this big blank wall. (I’ve vetoed a picture frame collage.) I’ve got a few projects in mind, but haven’t decided on one yet. Any suggestions?

Pinspirational: Wreaths

Here are a few of my favorite wreaths, found on Pinterest, of course. I’ve taken ideas from a few of these and I’m in the process of working on a Fall Wreath for my front door. Hopefully I’ll have it finished soon. Fall is in the air!
Source: via Beth on Pinterest
And a tutorial on how to make cute felt flowers…

The Nursery

At the beginning of my third trimester, I wrote about all of the things on my nursery to-do list

Thankfully, since I’m at the end of my third trimester, I’ve finally gotten most of those things accomplished. I finished a few of those projects at 4:30 am one morning when I couldn’t sleep. Nevertheless, they are finished. The pack-n-play has been cleaned and put back together, along with the baby swing and car seat. The car seat base is already installed in my car and my hospital bag and the diaper bag are packed.

The nursery shelves look a little empty, but I didn’t wan to clutter them up with unnecessary nick-knacks when I will probably be able to find better use for them as storage once the baby arrives. I’m sure just like every other room in our house, this one will continue to evolve as we really start to live in it.

I still have a few projects that I would like to tackle, like a DIY bed skirt, but as for now, I’m completely happy with the fact that the room is functional and baby ready.

The Kitchen (Still A Work In Progress)

It occurred to me yesterday, that there was never really going to be a “good” time to take pictures of the kitchen. Its not finished and I have no idea when (or if) I will ever consider it finished. The overhead lighting that we have is really terrible, so I opted to take some of these pictures with them off. I’m sorry if they turned out a little dark. There isn’t much natural light that comes directly into the kitchen, but the adjoining rooms let a pretty good amount filter in. Its really much lighter in person. And its rarely ever this clean and tidy. Since I was cleaning anyway, I figured now was as good a time as any to go ahead and snap some pictures of the final unfinished product…

(Crazy yellow glow courtesy of my desk lamp)

Two custom pantry doors to replace the 6 others that didn’t match the rest of the cabinetry.

My mini home office corner. Eventually I would like some shelving over the desk
to house my cookbooks and other office supplies.

The new breakfast bar.

The view from the front door/ living room.

Things that are still on my “to tackle” list:
Replace the too-shallow kitchen sink, broken garbage disposal and hideous sink fixtures…

Purchase or DIY a pendant light for over the sink…

Replace the fluorescent lighting with a lighted ceiling fan…
(It gets really hot in the kitchen while cooking.)

Kitchen Progress

Our kitchen renovation has gone rather slowly due to me not being able to help as much as I would like, or would normally be able to, and of course, the fact that we both have to work. I’ve been snapping pictures as we’ve been slowly making progress and I’m happy to say that we’re almost finished! Here’s how its all panned out…
First, Patrick removed all the cabinet doors so he could start sanding them to be painted… 

I emptied the pantry out and taped it off…

I sanded it with a palm sander (which almost killed me) and then added 3 coats of Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White…

I ended up putting all the cabinet doors back up because it was going to be a while before Patrick was actually able to sand and paint the doors. (I couldn’t stand how messy the kitchen looked with all of our junk showing.)

After sanding and painting the pantry, and having to spend the whole Sunday after to recover, I decided that sanding and painting the rest of the kitchen cabinets was not a project I could handle. I left it up to the professionals.
Cue Susan and Creed Hoyle, some awesome family members of Patrick’s, who have gone above and beyond to help Patrick finish our kitchen renovation. Had they not stepped in, I’m not sure if we would have continued with our project. I was ready to give up!
Once again, Patrick removed all the cabinet doors and took them to be sanded and painted. Our kitchen looked like a disaster area for a while and we had to keep a baby gate up to keep a certain little mister away from the exposed garbage disposal switch and cleaning products…

One of Patrick’s plans for the house, was to create a breakfast bar between the kitchen ansd living room to open up the space. One day, I left for work and the pine wall in the kitchen looked like this:

When I came home, it looked like this:

I wasn’t very excited about the idea of cutting a huge hole in the main load bearing wall of our house, but after I saw the result, I knew it was totally worth it! (Don’t worry, they properly installed a header to bear the extra weight. The proof is in the picture above.)
Patrick emptied the cabinets and sanded them to prep for paint. Since the cabinets were being sprayed, pieces of cardboard were put in place to keep the insides of the cabinets from getting painted.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

29 Weeks: A Name & Nursery Progress

Weight: 129 lbs. When I went for my visit last Friday, I had only gained 1 pound. Yippee! I hope I’m not jinxing myself. Who am I kidding? I’m sure I’ll make up for it before my next visit.
Waist Line: approximately 37″ 
Signs & Symptoms: Low Iron, backaches and sciatica (a pain in my rump, literally).
Looking Forward To: having the nursery painted!
Other News: We finally decided on a name! Mason Eli Scott.
I’m pretty excited to have that checked of my list.

Here is the nursery with the backs of the bookcase painted. Paw Paw color matched Valspar’s Sea Spray to Benjamin Moore paint. Isn’t it lovely? The bookcase will be Benjamin Moore’s Snowfall White. For the walls we’re using Benjamin Moore’s Natura (no VOC) paint in Dove Wing. Hopefully I’ll have new pictures soon. We’re in the process of painting the bookcase and Patrick picked up the rest of the paint today.

Work In Progress: The Nursery

I’ve reached my third trimester. Already? And panic is starting to set in. Mainly becuase this is what the nursery looks like:

For quite some time, I’ve been pinning ideas for the nursery. Since we found out Baby S was a little boy, I’ve been ready to start working in there, but haven’t quite found the motivation I was looking for. I guess the ticking time bomb around my waist is motivation enough. Baby S will be here before we know it and I still have lots of other projects outside of the nursery that also need to be completed before his arrival.

Here is the room before we cleaned it out. Wasn’t she a beauty? (Um, no.) We moved the computer into the kitchen and Alston was using this room as a library of sorts to play with his books and puzzles.

I already have really nice Pottery Barn bedding from Alston’s Beatrix Potter nursery way back when. (See Alston’s nursery here.) Although, I’ve pretty much decided not to use it again. I know I want to use this antique dresser that my mom is letting me borrow. I think its the perfect size to put a changing pad on top and I love the clean lines and rustic feel. It will also provide some much needed storage space in a room with a tiny closet. She also has a baby bed in a similar wood finish that I may or may not paint.

As of right now, I’m donning my painting gear (my pajamas) and I’m about to tackle that bookcase. I would like to make some kind of progress in there today. Patrick has been working quite a bit and is working today, so I’m going to be managing this little painting project alone. I may see if I can enlist the help of Paw Paw to come sand the bookcases for me. 

 Here is my nursery to-do list:
  • paint the back of the built-ins blue
  • sand built-ins and shelves
  • paint built-ins and shelves
  • bring in baby bed and dresser
  • choose wall color
  • paint walls and trim
  • buy curtain rods and hang curtains
    organize closet
  • get baby stuff out of storage
  • wash and organize
  • unpack and clean car seat and swing
  • fill shelves
  • finish pennant bunting