2-Year-Old Kindergarten

This year, Alston started 2-year-old kindergarten. Since he’s been back at school, I’ve found him standing at his chalkboard lecturing to his stuffed animals, “Okay, class…” This year is much different than last. He has graduated out of the toddler room and I now drop him off in the front room with all the other “big kids”. It was a hard pill to swallow realizing he was a big kid.

Now some bragging on what this “big kid” is up to…

  • He can count up to 20, sometimes he misses a few numbers on the way…
  • He can sing the ABC song, along with a few other favorites
  • He knows all of his colors
  • He knows all of his shapes, including s few that impress me – ovals and octagons…
  • He’s almost completely potty trained. He wear big boy undies all day and night, but we’re still working on #2. (Apparently this is a common problem with boys.)
  • He can count to 10 in Spanish. I overheard him while doing dishes one night and was completely amazed. Who knew? I know I didn’t teach him that. Thanks, Dora and Diego!

First Day of 1-Year-Old Kindergarten

August 9th was Alston’s first day of 1-year-old kindergarten. Although he’ll be two in just a few weeks, he just missed the cut-off for the 2-year-old class, so he’s one of the oldest in class. On the way to school, he was very happy, but that quickly faded when he realized where we were going. Even though he has a new teacher and classroom, he still goes to his old “daycare” classroom until “class starts” around 8:30.

Thankfully, a whole week of school got him back in the groove and he has been much happier going to school. Unfortunately, another bug has him at home this week with a slight fever and a runny nose. Hopefully he’ll be ready for school again next week.
Daddy has been back at work and seems to be all better, which we are very thankful for. Things with the house are moving right along and we are very grateful for all the wonderful ways God is moving in our lives right now!