So here’s the lowdown…
My computer is about to bite the dust. We have incredibly slow internet event though its ridiculously overpriced. My Mac is so old that it won’t sync with my iPhone. These are all excuses as to why I haven’t been up to my blogging duties. I take most of my pictures on my iPhone these days and can’t stand to wait half an hour while seven pictures upload to Picasa. Plus, Patrick gripes when I spend more than 15 minutes at a time on the computer at home. Either way, I’m uploading pictures now and have lots of fun things to share. Maybe I’ll get to share them before my boys graduate from high school.

First up on the list: pictures of my cute kids

proud potato head artist

Every picture tells a story, so I figured there was really no reason for me to narrate. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

Next up: Spring Weekend Projects

A Tuesday

6:05 am : rise and shine 
6:09 am : load the dishwasher (baby bottles, etc.)
6:15 am : good morning spongebob
6:19 am : in the shower
6:26 am : out of the shower
6:32 am : beauty time
6:37 am : check the weather
6:38 am : wardrobe
6:40 am : bottle for Eli
6:44 am : put a load in to wash
6:59 am : iron
6:59 am : forgot to start the dishwasher : Patrick gets Alston out of bed
7:01 am : running late ponytail : Alston pitches a fit
7:13 am : get Eli ready to go
7:15 : Alston still mad

 7:17 am : Alston’s breakfast : look for my rings for 5 minutes

 7:22 am : start to panic because I can’t find rings : fix my breakfast

7:23 am : remember where I put my rings

7:25 am : see the boys off : Alston still mad
7:26 am : wait for Patrick to retrieve lost sippy cup

7:30 am : on the interstate

7:41 am : listen to one year Bible

7:54 am : off the interstate
8:03 : glad I cleaned my ring

8:04 am : Pandora love

8:05 am : pass the bag lady on the corner
8:08 am : my favorite view

8:13 am : on the elevator

8:18 am : get to business
9:54 am : vocab lesson

11:36 am : Chez Lu Lu with the girls

1:00 pm – 3:46 pm : off the grid : lost in meetings
5:03 pm : leaving work : clock is fast

5:12 pm : fill up

5:31 pm : on the interstate
5:34 pm : more Pandora love

5:54 pm : off the interstate

5:57 pm : home : hubs working late

6:10 pm : Alston builds robots

6:18 pm : Eli swings
6:19 pm : rogue dino

6:20 pm : refrigerator art complete

6:22 pm : dinner

6:23 pm : dino visit

6:32 pm : take out the trash

6:38 pm : water the houseplants

6:42 pm : download Roby for Alston

6:42 pm : portrait of mom

7:11 pm : play time with little

7:54 pm : bedtime stories with big

8:18 pm : prep for night feedings

8:21 pm : put a load in the dryer

8:27 pm : unload the dishwasher

8:29 pm : goodnight spongebob

8:35 pm : tuck in big
8:36 pm : tuck in little

8:44 pm : in bed
9:01 pm : big asleep

9:03 pm : little asleep

9:15 pm : the end

Wrapping Up 2011

Well, what can I say? I’ve gotten a little behind on my blogging. To my defense, we’ve been very busy around here! What’s happened in the last two months? Let’s catch up…

Poppa Joe, “Grandmother” Kelli and Aunt Anna Belle came for a Thanksgiving visit…

I started my new graphic design position at Children’s on December 5th. My new office is right down the hall from my old one, and I’ve been having way too much fun at work.

Eli also turned 2 months old on December 5th. At his 8 week check-up he was 22″ long, weighed 11 pounds & 13 ounces, and his head measured 15.25″. He was in 0-3 mos clothing and a size 1 diaper.

Alston had his first Christmas program at school (video to come)…
We went to see Santa…

These two boys spent lots of bonding time together over Christmas break…

We celebrated with family…
We waited on Santa…

And he finally came…
And left a really big surprise in the back yard…
We spent time with family…
And had a very merry holiday!

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