The Fireworks

I love the Fourth of July and there’s nothing better than watching fireworks on the beach.
After an early dinner, we went back out to the beach so we could watch the fireworks at the pier.
When the first really big one went off, he took off running toward them saying, “I gotta’ go see those lights!”

Here are a few of my favorites. I obviously needed a tripod, but I still think these turned out beautifully.

(Waiting for the show to begin.)

The Beach

New Swimming Trunks
(size 18 mos. because his 24 mos kept falling down in the waves)


Pizza at Pappa Rocco’s

Graham Cracker Snack

Ice Cream at Scoops

Kite Flying

Beach Combing

Tiny Footprints

Really Cool Sand Castle
(not built by us)

And in case you’re curious, I opted out of the maternity bathing suit and sported a bikini instead. I was brave enough to wear it on the beach (spending most of my time under the tent), but not brave enough to post pictures on the internet. 🙂

A much needed break…

Last Saturday, we were able to sneak off to the beach for a few days to spend some time relaxing and enjoying time with family. We left early Saturday morning for Gulf Shores, Alabama, and made it back home Wednesday afternoon.

Alston was the best little road-trip buddy we could have asked for. He watched his movies and sang songs and napped during the 4 hour drive.

We made it into Gulf shores around lunchtime on Saturday, so we decided to have some lunch at the Shrimp Basket. Then we made a stop by the “purple octopus” to find Alston a treat for being such a good boy all day.

We were able to check-in a little early, so we unloaded our stuff and made a b-line for the beach. It was an overcast day, but the weather was perfect for just hanging out on a blanket.

I’ve never seen a child love the beach as much as this guy…

This was the face he made when Daddy and Uncle Pat told him they were going to leave him buried in the sand. (Don’t worry, they didn’t really leave him there.)

I’ll be back later with more beach trip photos and some house updates!

Real Men Wash The Dishes

You can’t tell because his shirt is so dark, but Alston soaked himself with the sprayer. Thats why he has water dripping off his chin.
Did you spot those big boy underwear? We’ve kicked potty training into high gear, thanks to some encouragement from our little friend, Ava Reese. He even wore his big boy undies to school today.
And yes, I was making the peanut butter pie I said I would probably end up making. Thankfully, I only ate one slice instead of the whole thing. Its really tasty though! 

I’m the favorite…

Mammy saw a onesie that said “I’m the favorite” and quickly decided she shouldn’t buy it for baby brother.
Funny stuff.

In other news, I realized I’ve been so busy posting house projects that I haven’t shared a recent picture of our favorite little guy. Don’t worry, we haven’t been neglecting him or anything. He’s been having lots of fun while we’ve been in project/renovation mode. (He enjoys painting and helping dragging toys around while we work. One of us is usually playing with him while the other is working.)

Last night, we had our favorite little friend, Ava Reese, over for a playdate. Here’s what two 2-1/2-year-olds can do to an already disastrous room.

(Turned the matress into a slide.)

(They are hiding under the sheet.)

Needless to say, I’ll be spending most of my weekend cleaning house before we’re off to the beach next weekend. Its not just his room that looks terrible. Its pretty much the whole house.

Here he is this morning. I thought he looked super handsome and decided to take some pictures before we walked into school. (As much as I tell him that he’s handsome, he’s going to have a serious ego if I don’t tone it down a notch.)

*I did not pose him for these pictures- he’s just a natural, I guess. (lol)
Happy Friday!

Custom Silhouettes

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Mammy’s birthday.

For her gift, I made a custom silhouette of Alston.

I snapped this picture of him while he was watching tv one morning. (It was taken in October of 2010 so its a perfect way to mark his second birthday.) Then used Photoshop to trace his profile which I filled in with black. There are alot of great tutorials on how to make real silhouettes, like this one using fabric. As a graphic designer, I prefer to take the shortcut where I can easily undo my mistakes.

After I created the silhouette, I printed a 5×7 of the image on cardstock and put it in this gorgeous frame I found at Home Goods.

Needless to say, she loved it.
And we had a great time celebrating her birthday with chocolate pound cake and lots of silliness… like this little boy who climbed inside the fridge to hide.

School Pictures

I’ve been meaning to share these for forever, but I never could remember to scan them while I was at home. This is Alston’s 1-year-old kindergarten school picture. (Even though he turned two right after the school year started, and he’s 2 in this picture.) They crack me up. He’s such a little man!