The Boys

I could spend hours going back and reading old posts from this blog… it reminds me how important it is to continue posting regularly. I don’t really do it for anyone but myself. (I’m so selfish.) But I know its the best way for me to document our lives and have something to look back on. Photo albums and baby books just aren’t my thing, I guess. Since we moved out of the house last summer I feel like consistency has not been my strongest skill. I’m going back over the past (almost) year to catch up on what all the ol’ blog has missed out on. Forgive my out of date info, but I want these moments to live in internet world forever…


The Little Things

Hi friends. Can we talk about things?
Things that seem small but are really, really huge?

We have a fence. And a gate.
And a temporary power pole and paperwork for a permit to hook up the power.
We have a building site with the four corners staked out.
We have a floor plan that I designed, that Patrick and I have nitpicked to death until we’re sure it’s absolutely perfect. And we have a guy to do the blueprints.
We have a vision. And it’s simple and it’s not the norm, but it’s ours.
We started this adventure over a year ago and its been long and hard and scary and frustrating but also exciting and wonderful. We have achieved so much already and know what we want the rest of our lives to look like. We have sacrificed what is easy and convenient to get there. We never thought it would be easy, but we know it will be worth it. And like I said, its hard. I have to stay focused on the big picture – the reason we started this journey in the first place. I try not think too far ahead or I get overwhelmed by the details and I start to panic. Meltdowns have occurred. I am not ashamed to admit it. But I want to document this adventure. The good, the bad, the ugly. Up until now, I haven’t thought it worthwhile to talk much about it because it didn’t seem like we were making much progress; then recently I realized that every step, no matter how tiny, is significant. It all adds up to the big picture.
Bear with us friends, its going to be a long road… but when its finished, we’re having a party and you are all invited!

Our Plans and God’s Plans

Sunset at The Homestead

In August, we closed on the 34 acre piece of property that I lovingly named The Homestead the first time I set foot on it. It has since become known as The Farm, The New Land and, more commonly, just The Land.

A lot of the timber from the land was cut some time ago, but they left quite a few very large trees and one very large stand of pines. Once the land was officially ours, we began working to get all the brush and underbrush cleared off. We planted the bare spots and have our future home site picked out. While we are anxious to start building, we want to go about it the best way possible. We are trying to be smart about our time and money, so while we live with Patrick’s parents for the time being, we are working towards becoming debt free. This is an opportunity we will never have again, so we are trying to be patient and let God handle things His way. Its hard, friends. Its close to Christmas and I don’t have a house to decorate. I can’t tell you when I will have a house either. It would be nice to say that we are expecting to start building by a certain date and we will be moved in by another, but thats just not how it is working out. I’m learning a great deal about patience and trusting in God for everything. Its a hard lesson, but I know its one I have to learn. People keep asking me how its coming along and all I can do is shrug. Things are happening, just very very slowly. I have absolutely no control over any of them. So I’m slowly learning to let go and lean on Him. I trust His timing and His judgement. I try to stay positive and live in the here and now. If I didn’t it would be way to easy to cry over what I don’t have instead of celebrating what I do have. I have a healthy happy family. I have a roof over my head. I live in a country where anything is possible. I can go to church and worship God freely. I’m beyond blessed.

So for now, I will fill up Pinterest boards for my forever home and enjoy the freedom of not owning a house and I will do it with a thankful heart.

Patience and Purpose

We are still patiently waiting for the right person to come along and purchase our house. We are also patiently waiting to sign a contract on our land. (I’m already claiming it as ours.) Patience seems to be a virtue hard earned. While we wait, we have already been making plans. Its hard not to get excited about the possibilities of the future, but its also important to stay focused on the purpose. Why are we moving? For a long time, I have felt God pulling me towards Patrick’s hometown. The closer I get to Him, the more I believe this is what he wants for our family. Considering how opposed I was to it in the past, I can tell this is His will and not mine. He is giving me the desires of my heart. We want to be closer to our friends – to raise our children in a tightly knit group of Christians who share our same values. There is something to be said about small towns, but more so for even smaller ones. Pell City is growing quickly, which isn’t a bad thing, but not necessarily the best when you have kids. There are four different elementary schools and one big high school. I graduated with two-hundred-fifty-something people. Patrick graduated with only fifty-something, most of whom still live there. Not because they have to because they got stuck there or couldn’t get out, but because they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else. Yes, we will be further away from our families and I will have to drive 280 to work, but when God calls you to do something, you don’t worry about the details, you just do it. This is His plan, not ours.