And then there were three… 

I failed as a mom with keeping monthly updates on Eli. Being a mom of two was just way more work and blogging took a back seat. Like way back. To the back of the bus. And then I completely stopped blogging at all. 
For a while I felt like a terrible mom. I blogged about Alston’s every move and with Eli I could barely keep up a monthly post. What gives?? Well, I was busy. You know, being a mom. I took a million pictures and some hilarious videos. They’re just saved on my computer. And when Instagram came along that became my creative outlet for keeping track and sharing. But now I’m back. And while I wont be writing down the kids’ every single adventure, I’ll be here. I’m planning on back tracking to make photo books for the past 8 years, but those will be for us to keep and pass down later. 

However, it would feel weird not to write an official introduction to our newest little dumpling. Miss Emma Marie has definitely made our lives feel complete. She’s the princess of the house – doted on by her big brothers and her daddy. She’s 8 months old already – only a few short mi the until she turns one! So be on the lookout for a post all about her grand entrance into this world. 


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