What’s for dinner? Whole 30 Approved Fish Tacos


Whole 30 (Tacoless*) Fish Tacos

So this week I started a Whole 30ish Pretty Much Paleo kinda’ thing. I’m following the Whole 30 plan, without being super super strict. Mainly because its really hard to find Whole 3o compliant bacon and deli meat and I refuse to make my own mayonnaise. I’ve nixed dairy, grains, legumes and almost all sugar from my diet. I’m making everything that I eat from scratch, with the exception of some Larabars and an RX Bar I had after my workout this morning. I licked the spoon to the Cookie Butter that I bought the kids at Trader Joe’s and I had a beer last night while cooking dinner. I’m not going to stress and completely deprive myself. (That never works for me unless I’m doing a prayer and fasting thing.) I’ll end up caving and quit all together. So I’m just following the basic structure and bending a little when I need to. I’m really just hoping to change my eating habits and needed a good starting point. Oh, and I’m making Patrick eat whatever I fix for dinner. He’s been a real trooper.

Here is my prized recipe… Fish Tacos. If you haven’t had fish tacos, you may be thinking that this sounds disgusting. But let me assure you that its probably one of the best recipes in my arsenal and it takes the least amount of effort possible. To make my regular recipe Whole 30 Compliant, all I had to do was remove flour tortillas and use compliant mayo. So technically, this is fish tacos minus the tacos. Tacoless. *Yes, that’s a word, regardless of what spellcheck says.

Fish Tacos
serves 3 (or 2 adults and 2 kiddos)

  • 6 tilapia fillets
  • onion powder
  • garlic powder
  • cumin
  • cayenne pepper
  • smoked paprika
  • 1 bag of cole slaw mix (I like the angel hair mix with red and green cabbage and carrots or you can always make your own)
  • mayonnaise (whole 30 or homemade)
  • lime juice
  • fresh cilantro
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper

Heat olive oil in a non-stick pan (just enough oil to coat the bottom) over medium to medium high heat.

Sprinkle tilapia filets lightly with onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne pepper and smoked paprika. Both sides. Let sit while you mix up coleslaw.

Add six handfuls of coleslaw mix – or one handful per tilapia filet – to a large mixing bowl. Add about two large spoonfuls of mayo and one tablespoon of lime juice to start. (The amount of mayo depends on how you prefer your coleslaw. I like it just lightly coated, so I start with a little and add more if needed as I stir.) Add chopped cilantro to taste. Sprinkle in some onion powder and garlic powder. Then salt lightly. Taste it. Is it too bland? Add a little more lime juice. You want to be able to taste the lime. Once you’re happy, set your coleslaw aside.

Put your seasoned tilapia filets in the pan and cook until white throughout. Be care flipping them because they may flake apart. I like mine to have some color, so I cook on medium-high heat to get that crispy edge and nice color. Transfer to a dinner plate and top with a heaping spoonful of coleslaw. Serve immediately.

Normally, I would serve two filets per person, but we only had three filets left in the freezer, so Patrick had two and I had broccoli and watermelon. The side of watermelon worked really nicely with the fish and coleslaw. The broccoli was slightly out of place, but you do what you gotta do.






2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner? Whole 30 Approved Fish Tacos

  1. Look at you! This is such a great program, its a great starting point. We try to stay on a whole food diet as much as possible. I love fish tacos!!!! I make them often and top them with a homemade pineapple salsa!


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