The Simple Life

Our house has officially been on the market for 3 weeks now. We decided it was time to get serious about selling it and enlisted the help our our realtor, Mary Ellis. We’ve had quite a bit of interest so far – several showings and two offers – but nothing that has turned into a contract. We’re not anxious or upset, but confident that it will sell quickly. God is in control.

What will we do when we sell? Well, we’ve found what we think is the perfect piece of land, henceforth to be known as The Homestead. We put an offer in on Sunday, contingent upon the sale of our house, and are waiting to hear back… I found this piece of property browsing the listings to see what was available. I didn’t want to miss that perfect place, so I started looking early. Anyone who has bought a house, knows it can take a while to find the right place. I started texting Patrick different addresses to check out while I was at work. When he visited this one, he spent the whole day there. It didn’t take much for him to fall in love and I was already sold.

The Homestead is on a dirt road with plenty of acreage and few neighbors. The upside is that we will be moving closer to our friends, but will still be close to our family as well. (This is something that I’ve felt God calling us to do. I want to raise our kids around the people we go to church with and the girls I have Bible study with. It just feels right.) We want to build a simple house and do most of the work ourselves. Our dream house isn’t bigger, its smaller. I feel cluttered by excess. Too much stuff. Too much to clean and put away. I can’t wait to go through, room by room, getting ridding of what we don’t absolutely need or absolutely love. I will be having a HUGE yardsale. I’m so excited, that I’m ready to start right now. However, I’m trying to keep the house presentable for showings and I’m the kind of person who makes a huge mess when I’m organizing and cleaning out.

This is a big step in our lives. Worthy of a blog post. I hope to have good news soon and I will, of course, document our journey here. Here’s to the simple life!


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