2013 Best & Worst

2013 was a great year. In some ways, it was the hardest year I’ve ever had, but it was also the best.

In 2013:

  • Patrick turned the big 3-0. He gets better looking every year, darn him.
  • After being off anti-depressants for almost 3 years, I ended up going back on them. I am happy and thankful for modern medicine. Having a chemical imbalance does not mean I am crazy, but it does make me act that way. If you are struggling, run – don’t walk – to your doctor. Life is too short to struggle with that battle on your own.
  • I gave up alcohol. Alcohol is not a friend of depression. People constantly question my decision, but I stand firm beside it and it makes me a better person.
  • I totaled my Jeep Compass but came out completely unscathed. Gap coverage paid off my Jeep AND gave us money back. I was able to buy a newer car for half the payment. That, my friends, was definitely a God thing.
  • We welcomed a new family member to the family… a brindle Pitt named Bolt. Alston named him after the Disney movie. He sleeps with the boys and he will eat you if you try to mess with them. Best $45 I’ve ever spent. 
  • I had a couple of rough patches at work, but made it through alive. Barely.
  • I also had my two very best days at work ever: Superhero window washers & Craft Day with patients. Amazing.
  • I started running and did my first 5k. With two kids in a jogging stroller. I’m not gonna lie – I walked it.
  • I read too many books to count. Some were fabulous, some were terrible. My absolute favorites include The Fault in Our Stars, The Book Thief and Forgotten God.
  • I went on a fabulous beach trip with my best girls from high school. I swear it added 2 years to my life expectancy.
  • We made a trip to visit my (HUGE) family in Missouri for the 4th of July. Best family vacation. Ever. (Even with the puppy poo incident.)
  • I celebrated with friends at our 10 year high school reunion. I do not feel old.
  • I went to the Circles Design Conference in Grapevine, Texas and came back inspired and refreshed.
  • Patrick officially started his own business (finally!) and has had much success. All thanks to God.
  • We paid off some debt. More thanks to God.
  • We decided to put our house up for sale by owner and did some house projects we had been putting off.
  • We celebrated Alston’s 5th birthday and Eli’s 2nd. These boys are growing up too fast, but make our life crazy fun.
  • I went to several movie marathons with my bestie. She’s the bestiest. The Beautiful Creatures Debacle of 2013 will never be forgotten.
  • I learned the importance of the 2nd Amendment after a weirdo followed me home. I am armed, so weirdos beware.
  • We got to have my brother Logan with us for Christmas. He has grown into such an awesome young man and I am super proud to call him family. Eli is infatuated with his “Unter Wodan”… I’ve never seen him warm up to someone so quickly. Except, Aunt Katelyn… Unter Wodan’s equally fabulous other half. 🙂
  • And had way more fund and too many wonderful adventures to list them all…

Yes, 2013 was amazing. And hard. And wonderful. I fully expect 2014 to hold more than I could ever imagine. Have you ever met someone who was excited about their thirties? Well, this girl is. This is my last year of my twenties and I can’t wait to see what it brings. Happy New Year y’all!


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