Hi Friends

What we’ve been up to:

Alston can write his name and impressed me with his typing skills… (He’s a techie like his momma)

We celebrated our dear friends’ (Congrats Bull and Caycie!) wedding and I failed to get any pictures of my children in their cute new outfits. Fortunately, we’re wearing them to see the Easter bunny, so I’ll have more pictures soon. I did snag a picture of one certain (terribly handsome) groomsman…

We visited Desoto Caverns with Mammy and PawPaw and our cousin Stuart. (He’s the best baby sitter ever.)

Eli has started talking a lot more, can climb in and out of the tub and has started feeding himself…

We’ve kept up our tradition of Waffle House dates when Daddy is away on Saturdays…

 Eli is starting to look more and more like his daddy…

I’ll be back soon with pictures from Easter weekend!


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