We’ve been busy as always, leaving little time to sit at the computer… We’ve been filling our time working around the house, trying out new recipes and playing outside. I did backtrack and do posts for Eli’s first 5 months. Six and seven are coming soon. I’ve added links to all those posts on his page.

He’s hit quite a few milestones in the past few weeks and I wanted to go ahead and get them written down, per say, so I wouldn’t forget them later…
Eli’s first tooth – April 26th
Eli started crawling – May 3rd
Eli started pulling up – May 4th
Eli’s second tooth – May 12th

You also may have noticed that I gave the ol’ blog a little facelift. I updated the design, quickly and painlessly, using a fun template from Pugly Pixel and a sweet watercolor background from August Empress. I’m very pleased with the way it turned out considering how simple it was!


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