Hello, my name is Beth, and I’m a Pinterest Addict. 
Thankfully, I’ve dedicated myself to completing some of these wonderful projects I’ve pinned. Here are a few that I’m really proud of…
Homemade Curtain Rods 
Super easy! The supplies can be found at any home improvement store and cost less than $10. The rod is much sturdier than any store-bought rod and won’t bow under the weight of your curtains. You can paint them any color you want or leave them as is for an industrial feel. I will never buy overpriced flimsy curtain rods again!

DIY Curtain Rod Pinspiration
Eggshell Seedlings
I used to buy seed starter kits, but these are so much cuter and practically free!
Egg Shell Seedlings Pinspiration 1, 2
Twiggy Frame
I had every intention of putting chicken wire in this frame, but its oak, and the staple gun wasn’t cutting it. So instead, I used these store-bought sticks I had stored away and some hot glue to create this little beauty. I found the frame for $2 at a thrift store and painted it black. I used old stuff I had laying around for this project, so it ended up being free. 
Twiggy Frame Pinspiration | Chicken Wire Frame Pinspiration

Photo Ledge
I showed a picture to my wonderful husband and he whipped up this beauty in less than 30 minutes. The lumber cost less than $10 and we already had the white paint. He measured out where the studs were, and marked it on the shelf. He pre-drilled the holes in the shelf and then screwed it directly into the studs. I originally wanted this for the living room, but decided it would look much better in the kitchen. I’m in love. We plan on adding hooks to the bottom so I’ll have somewhere to hang my collection of aprons.

Picture Ledge Pinspiration 1, 2, 3
I currently have about 543 other ideas pinned, so I’m sure I’ll have plenty to keep me busy for a while. Unfortunately, that won’t stop me from pinning more…

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