Spring Weekend Projects

Last weekend I decided we needed to do a few outside projects to welcome Spring. Alston and I headed to Home Depot after some seed packets and food for the bird feeders. Unfortunately, they didn’t end up having anything we needed, so we ended up at Walmart. 
I’ve been carefully cracking and saving my eggshells in hopes of using them for this fun little project with Alston. (I saw the idea to use eggshells to start seedlings on Pinterst, of course.)
Alston and I bought about $20 worth of seeds. If we planted them all, we’d end up with enough food to feed out whole neighborhood. (I have plans to build some raised beds in front out our detached garage.) We only had 12 shells to fill, and just happened to end up with 6 seed packets that needed to be started indoors. We planted Brandywine Tomatoes, Better Boy Hybrid Tomatoes, California Wonder Bell Pepper, Sweet Spanish Yellow Utah Jumbo Onions, Black Beauty Eggplant and Great Lakes #118 Lettuce.
Alston wasn’t very involved in the planting process, but I did get him to drop a few seeds in. He was more interested in digging in the dirt.
While we were at Walmart, we also picked up some flowers to dress up our front doorstep.

Here is our super cute Easter egg door hanger that Susie made us.
Welcome Spring!

One week after planting them, we already have tomatoes, onions and lettuce growing!
(Yes, thats New Moon. Don’t hate.)

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