Alston is 3!

Alston at 3…

He’s very funny and sweet, uses his manners (most of the time) and continues to amaze us as he grows and developes his little personality. We think he’s the best thing since sliced bread and he keeps us in stitches. He’s started talking in his sleep, which is always funny. He loves music and instruments. He never meets a stranger, will give anyone a hug, but still has a bit of a shy side at times. He’s really taken well to being a big brother. He always asks if we’re taking Baby Brother with us, or if he can come, when we start to leave the house. No signs of jealousy, thankfully! He always wants to help and is always “saving” somebody when he plays. He carries on funny little conversations while playing and has a very active imagination. He’s quite the character and we’re so glad he’s ours!
For his birthday day, we made homemade from scratch chocolate chip pancakes.

Alston, 3 years old (Oct. 2011)
Alston, 1 year old (Jan. 2010)

We spent some playtime outside while the weather was fair…

Our dear friends Josh and Kristin were so sweet to stop to visit and bring us dinner…

Alston didn’t quite understand why we weren’t having another party. I tried to explain that we already had his party, but he kept asking if his friends were coming over to sing happy birthday. Thankfully we just happened to have these friends over, so we celebrated with cupcakes and another birthday song!

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