The Nursery

At the beginning of my third trimester, I wrote about all of the things on my nursery to-do list

Thankfully, since I’m at the end of my third trimester, I’ve finally gotten most of those things accomplished. I finished a few of those projects at 4:30 am one morning when I couldn’t sleep. Nevertheless, they are finished. The pack-n-play has been cleaned and put back together, along with the baby swing and car seat. The car seat base is already installed in my car and my hospital bag and the diaper bag are packed.

The nursery shelves look a little empty, but I didn’t wan to clutter them up with unnecessary nick-knacks when I will probably be able to find better use for them as storage once the baby arrives. I’m sure just like every other room in our house, this one will continue to evolve as we really start to live in it.

I still have a few projects that I would like to tackle, like a DIY bed skirt, but as for now, I’m completely happy with the fact that the room is functional and baby ready.


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