36 Weeks

At 36 weeks, Eli should be about the same size as a crenshaw melon.
What’s a crenshaw melon? Your guess is as good as mine. 

Weight: 142 lbs (only 1/2 a pound since my last visit)
Waist Line: Approximately 41″ 
Signs & Symptoms: Terrible back aches. I had a prenatal massage and apparently overdid it afterward. My doctor has recommended Icy Hot patches. I will smell awesome. Swelling in my hands and face = puffy fat pregnant lady syndrome. Braxton Hicks contractions, and a few real ones, too! I feel like my mood has greatly improved and I’m not as edgy as I have been. Although I almost assaulted an 80 year old man after he stole my parking spot at the doctor’s office today. Blame it on the hormones.   
Looking Forward To: lots of r and r this weekend and my baby sprinkle with my work friends. 

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