Alston’s 3rd Birthday: Pinspiration

I had a lot of fun planning Alston’s party this year, but the timing of Eli’s due date made everything a little more complicated. We originally scheduled Alston’s party for September 3rd, but decided there was too much going on that weekend (first football game, Labor Day weekend, etc.) and moved the party date last minute. Thankfully, most of our guests were able to come and everyone seemed to enjoy comingon a Friday evening and then having the rest of the weekend to themselves. I’m thinking friday night parties are definitely the way to go.

While planning Alston’s party, I went to my favorite resource, Pinterest. Usually, I save all of my ideas in a folder on my desktop, but often forget where I found them. This way I was able to keep track of everything and have access to all the sources in one simple place. Below are my favorite ideas; to see the entire pinboard, go here.

 (I ordered my cookies from Prime Cakes and found my the mustache candy molds here.)


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