Alston’s 3rd birthday Extravaganza

This year, we decided to have Alston’s 3rd birthday party a whole month early, due to the unknown arrival of baby brother Eli. I really wanted Alston to have his special day without Eli party crashing or stealing the spotlight if he arrived early. Compared to last year’s disaster of a birthday, I would say this one was pure perfection. We started running a little low on party food, but Mammy made a quick dash to the store so our guests wouldn’t go hungry. We had a great time visiting with our guests and the littles seemed to have a blast playing in the bounce. The birthday boy was very happy and thats all the really matters, right?
The theme of Alston’s party was Toy Story 3. Since Alston often tells strangers that his name is Buzz Lightyear, this seemed fitting. 
We had a simple kid-friendly party menu, since his party was right at dinner time…
When I asked Alston what he wanted for his birthday he said, “Birthday cake!”
At his request, I ordered a 7″ chocolate cake, just for him. 

Woody’s Wild Cactus Juice (green lemonade) and Mr. Potato Head Mustaches

Toy Story Alien Cupcakes (or “squeakies” as Alston calls them)

Lottso’s Trash Dip (rotel cheese dip) and Slinky Dogs (hotdogs with fixin’s)

Bullseye’s Apple Bites (with caramel cream cheese dip) and PB&Js
We rented a bounce to entertain the kiddos…
Enjoyed playing outside in the cool weather…

Sang Happy Birthday…

And opened a ton of really great gifts…

As a special thank you, we sent all of our little friends home with Build-Your-Own Mr. Potato Head Cookies made by wonderful friend Emily at Prime Cakes.

Here is the party aftermath… It looks like Christmas at our house and we’ve been enjoying a day full of being lazy. Cleanup can wait until tomorrow!


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