Week 35

Here I am, 35 weeks and two days into my pregnancy, and I can’t believe how the time has flown by. I have my 35 week check-up this afternoon and then I will start going for weekly check-ups. Baby Eli’s arrival is just around the corner! I have a prenatal massage scheduled for 9:00 am tomorrow and I can’t wait. My body is needing some serious tlc these days! I have this one spot that hurts in my back and I think its from having to sit so far away from my desk due to the big baby belly that gets in the way. Speaking of, I noticed this morning that everything felt a little lower. I don’t know if he has officially “dropped” or if he’s just laying funny, but my ribs feel a little less cramped and I feel like I can breathe a little deeper.
I ordered Eli’s pajamas to match his brother’s and have the baby bag and my hospital bag halfway packed.
I still have to wash the carseat cover, which I plan on doing this weekend. Once everything is ready, I’ll go ahead and pack my car. I’m also going to be packing an “emergency preparedness kit” for work. How embarrassing would it be if my water broke at work? So, I plan on packing a little bag with a change of clothes and a towel or two, that I will keep in my office. This was not something that I had to worry about with Alston, and thankfully, my water broke at home.

Weight: 139 point something lbs. The scales will reveal the truth today!
Waist Line: approximately 40″
Signs & Symptoms: Serious “nesting”, back ache, some swelling, Braxton Hicks contractions, brain fog and horrible vision.
Looking Forward To: The baby “sprinkle” that my coworkers are throwing for me. We will be having lunch here and I can’t wait for a big slice of warm wedding cake! I love lunch dates. 🙂


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