I’ve been too busy to think. (Thankfully the dreaded pregnant brain keeps me from doing too much of that anyways.) Busy schedule and brain fog aside, here’s a little of bit of what we’ve been up to recently…
We’ve enjoyed a few gorgeous sunsets…

I dragged the fam with me for an out-of-town work weekend in Fairhope.
Here they are enjoying the band at the event I was working…

We went to Ella’s pool party…

I got the idea to use empty easy squeeze ketchup bottles for waffle and pancake batter from this pin…

And I made Alston some yummy berry waffles…
Here he is enjoying them at our new breakfast bar.
As an added bonus, you get a little sneak peek of the kitchen (in all its messy glory)…
I had seriously hoped to snap some pictures of the kitchen this weekend, but the weather has been terrible which makes for very poor lighting. Hopefully, I’ll have some to share very soon!

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