I know I’ve been terribly bad about posting here lately. We have been so super busy working on the house, mainly in the kitchen and nursery. And I’ve also been super swamped at work trying to wrap up a couple of big projects. I am so behind and have so many pictures to share! Slowly but surely, I know things will start to slow down and I’ll get back on track. I have decided to wait to share kitchen pictures until we are finished- I don’t want to ruin the big reveal! Until then, let’s catch up on the fun we’ve been having…

We celebrated Westin’s 1st Birthday

Daddy made the World’s Best Burger…

Yes, it had a fried egg and it was delicious!!!

We went to a pool party…
Aunt Stacy, Carson, & Alston


Carson and his mommy, Robin


Aunt Emily giving Alston a ride.

We discovered a new neighbor…

We’ve had a very busy and eventful, fun-filled summer! Now school is back in session, so I’ll have pictures from Alston’s first day of 2-year-old kindergarten soon…


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