31 Weeks

Baby Eli weighs about the same as 4 oranges. I had my 30 week visit on Monday and I apparently gained 6 pounds in two weeks. I haven’t been eating any differently and was concerned because I have officially reached my 25 lb. weight gain goal. My OB says its probably from water retention due to the heat and eating foods high in sodium. I’ve been trying not to eat out as often and have been eating Healthy Choice forzen lunches, which are apparently very high in sodium. Hopefully, I can watch my sodium intake a little more closely and drop some of this water weight before my next visit. I assumed I would gain more than 25 lbs., but maybe I won’t go too far over.
We’ve been crazy busy trying to get house projects finished and I have been swamped at work, trying to get several big projects wrapped up prior to maternity leave.

Weight: 135 lbs (Darn you, Healthy Choice!)
Waist Line: 39″
Signs & Symptoms: Back ache, some mild swelling and Braxton Hicks contractions. I downloaded a super cool app to help me keep track of them, so I’ll know if I’m having too many of those “practice contractions”. (My real contractions felt exactly like my BH contractions with Alston.)
Looking Forward To: Wrapping up several big projects and having some down time!


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