30 Weeks

Weight: 130 lbs.?

Waist Line: approximately 37″ I’ve been getting lots of “wow, you look really pregnant today” comments. I don’t know if my bell has actually grown or what, but I’ve been feeling “really pregnant” as well.
Signs & Symptoms: Besides all the other symptoms, I haven’t been sleeping and I pretty much stay in a fog most of the time. Hopefully it will go as quickly as it came.
Looking Forward To: finishing house projects.
This week, Eli should be about 17 inches long and weight about 3 pounds, or roughly about the same as a cabbage. His chances of survival outside of the womb are pretty good, but he would need intensive care. (Hopefully, he’ll stay put for at least 6 more weeks.) We made some pretty good progress in the nursery this weekend and the kitchen renovation is in full swing. I washed teeny baby clothes and receiving blankets, unpacked the swing and car seat and the nursery is filled with baby gear. Our house looks like a tornado hit it. I can only imagine it won’t look much different once I have three boys running around instead of just two.
I’ve been super busy at work, finishing up projects and preparing for maternity leave. It has caused me to become super organized, but my lack of brain power requires me to make several list and cross check to make sure I get everything accomplished. Thankfully, I seem to have everything on track so far.  

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