28 Weeks

What happened to weeks 26 & 27? I was on vacation. And I’m pregnant and forgetful. Forgive me. Not too much has changed though (besides the fact that baby is growing like a weed, er… vegetable?), so I guess that’s a good thing. I have my next appointment on Friday (I think) and after that I will be going every two weeks. I can not believe I’ve already reached my third trimester and its giving me a little bit of anxiety. Like usual, I have just about everything organized and on track at work, but at home I feel like there are one point five million things to do and the clock is ticking. On my “home” to do list: #1 the nursery, #2 name the baby, just to name a few. I feel like Patrick and I are getting closer to naming him. We discussed a couple of names that we’re partial to tonight while watching Hell’s Kitchen. Hopefully we’ll have a name picked soon and I can mark that one off the list. Maybe that’s why I’ve been procrastinating on everything else. I have a tendency to want to things “in order” no matter how logical it seems.  

Weight: 130? It fluctuates every time I step on the scale, so its kind of hard to say. We’ll see what the scales say at my visit later this week. 
Waist Line: approximately 37″ 
Signs & Symptoms: Low Iron. (My doctor put me on a prescription Iron supplement with Folic Acid after getting the results from my bloods test last visit. It has made a world of difference.) Backaches and Sciatica. (Baby is getting just big enough to put pressure on my sciatic nerve which can cause shooting pains in my hips and rear. I had the same issue with Alston, but it was much worse last time.) 
Looking Forward To: finishing some projects in the nursery. I’ve made some pretty good progress and the hubs promises we’ll get some serious work done this weekend. 

Note the time. I guess I should add sleeplessnes to my symptoms, but this hasn’t been, and hopefully won’t become, a regular occurrence. 

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