Work In Progress: The Nursery

I’ve reached my third trimester. Already? And panic is starting to set in. Mainly becuase this is what the nursery looks like:

For quite some time, I’ve been pinning ideas for the nursery. Since we found out Baby S was a little boy, I’ve been ready to start working in there, but haven’t quite found the motivation I was looking for. I guess the ticking time bomb around my waist is motivation enough. Baby S will be here before we know it and I still have lots of other projects outside of the nursery that also need to be completed before his arrival.

Here is the room before we cleaned it out. Wasn’t she a beauty? (Um, no.) We moved the computer into the kitchen and Alston was using this room as a library of sorts to play with his books and puzzles.

I already have really nice Pottery Barn bedding from Alston’s Beatrix Potter nursery way back when. (See Alston’s nursery here.) Although, I’ve pretty much decided not to use it again. I know I want to use this antique dresser that my mom is letting me borrow. I think its the perfect size to put a changing pad on top and I love the clean lines and rustic feel. It will also provide some much needed storage space in a room with a tiny closet. She also has a baby bed in a similar wood finish that I may or may not paint.

As of right now, I’m donning my painting gear (my pajamas) and I’m about to tackle that bookcase. I would like to make some kind of progress in there today. Patrick has been working quite a bit and is working today, so I’m going to be managing this little painting project alone. I may see if I can enlist the help of Paw Paw to come sand the bookcases for me. 

 Here is my nursery to-do list:
  • paint the back of the built-ins blue
  • sand built-ins and shelves
  • paint built-ins and shelves
  • bring in baby bed and dresser
  • choose wall color
  • paint walls and trim
  • buy curtain rods and hang curtains
    organize closet
  • get baby stuff out of storage
  • wash and organize
  • unpack and clean car seat and swing
  • fill shelves
  • finish pennant bunting 


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