A much needed break…

Last Saturday, we were able to sneak off to the beach for a few days to spend some time relaxing and enjoying time with family. We left early Saturday morning for Gulf Shores, Alabama, and made it back home Wednesday afternoon.

Alston was the best little road-trip buddy we could have asked for. He watched his movies and sang songs and napped during the 4 hour drive.

We made it into Gulf shores around lunchtime on Saturday, so we decided to have some lunch at the Shrimp Basket. Then we made a stop by the “purple octopus” to find Alston a treat for being such a good boy all day.

We were able to check-in a little early, so we unloaded our stuff and made a b-line for the beach. It was an overcast day, but the weather was perfect for just hanging out on a blanket.

I’ve never seen a child love the beach as much as this guy…

This was the face he made when Daddy and Uncle Pat told him they were going to leave him buried in the sand. (Don’t worry, they didn’t really leave him there.)

I’ll be back later with more beach trip photos and some house updates!

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