25 Weeks

(Baby Scott is the size of a rutabaga.)

My doctor’s visit went very well today. I had to do the routine glucose test, which wasn’t wonderful, but I survived. They should call me with the results within a few days. My next visit is in 3 or 4 weeks and then I’ll start going every two weeks. Is it really time for that already? This pregnancy is flying by! We better get to work around here so all of our little house projects will be completed by the time Baby Scott gets here. (I went into labor with Alston the very day we completed the living room addition to our old house. As soon as everything was moved and cleaned up, my water broke.) 
Oh, and we should probably be trying to figure out what we’re going to call him.

Weight: 128
At my appointment today, my OB said my weight was excellent. Really? Yes. Usually its about a pound per week. If that’s the case, then I’m 7 lbs under instead of over, like I thought. That makes me feel so much better! Waist Line: approximately 37″ 
Signs & Symptoms: Backaches. I stay on the heating pad pretty much 24/7. Other than that, I’m pretty good!
Looking Forward To: vacation and house projects! We’re taking a break for some much needed R&R and then we’re back to checking things off our shrinking to-do list.

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