Man Cave Mini Makeover

About a week or so ago, Patrick gave the Man Cave a much needed facelift. While making room for Baby S, we decided to swap out the green hide-a-bed chair for a futon that Patrick’s mom wasn’t using at her house. We sent the chair back with the bed we took out of the nursery. Now we have much better seating and somewhere for guests to sleep. (Can we say ‘two birds’?) Patrick also added a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cleaned the carpets. The new color, while very similar to the last, is less “swamp mud brown” and more “khaki”, as Patrick put it.


I’m still waiting to pick up a new curtain rod to hang the curtains, but it looks 10 times better already. I picked up the perfect pair of dark green thrift store curtains for $7. They are thick enough to block out the light, which is perfect for movie watching, but also keeps the room nice and cool. (The back part of the house doesn’t have central heat and air run to it yet. Surprisingly, it stays pretty cool in the summer by just running the ceiling fan and fairly warm in the winter. For nights when it gets really cold there’s a natural gas wall heater in the mancave and an electric wall heater in the second bath.)

(This is probably the truest image of the new color – it reads less green than the previous one.)


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