I’m the favorite…

Mammy saw a onesie that said “I’m the favorite” and quickly decided she shouldn’t buy it for baby brother.
Funny stuff.

In other news, I realized I’ve been so busy posting house projects that I haven’t shared a recent picture of our favorite little guy. Don’t worry, we haven’t been neglecting him or anything. He’s been having lots of fun while we’ve been in project/renovation mode. (He enjoys painting and helping dragging toys around while we work. One of us is usually playing with him while the other is working.)

Last night, we had our favorite little friend, Ava Reese, over for a playdate. Here’s what two 2-1/2-year-olds can do to an already disastrous room.

(Turned the matress into a slide.)

(They are hiding under the sheet.)

Needless to say, I’ll be spending most of my weekend cleaning house before we’re off to the beach next weekend. Its not just his room that looks terrible. Its pretty much the whole house.

Here he is this morning. I thought he looked super handsome and decided to take some pictures before we walked into school. (As much as I tell him that he’s handsome, he’s going to have a serious ego if I don’t tone it down a notch.)

*I did not pose him for these pictures- he’s just a natural, I guess. (lol)
Happy Friday!

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