Work in Progress: The Kitchen

Way back when, I decided on a color for the kitchen. And just last week, I finally ordered the paint.

Friday night I came home and started cutting in the edges of the big wall. Then needed to take a break to order some tasty Mexican food for dinner and watch a movie on the couch… painting could wait until Saturday. Around 1am, I woke and noticed that Patrick was still awake, so I decided to go see why he wasn’t in bed. I smelled paint when I walked into the living room, so I mosied on through to the kitchen. Much to my surprise, he had painted the whole kitchen while I was snoozing. (Gotta love that husband of mine!) Saturday, I did some touch-up painting and fiddled in the kitchen most of the day…cleaning and reorganizing and whatnot.

The color is much more gray than I had imagined. The paint sample that I picked up a while back had more brown in it, but I’m still pretty satisfied with the results. It looks a million times better than the red that it was before. Don’t you agree? Its so much brighter!

As soon as we get the cabinets painted white, I think that will make a huge difference as well. Since the walls turned out to be grayer than I had anticipated, I’m now trying to figure out what color the countertops need to be. It will probably be a while before Patrick gets around to making them, but my mind won’t rest until I finally decide what color they will be. The hubs is going to make me a few samples so I can set them in place  and see which color looks best (after we get the cabinets painted, of course).
Since taking these pictures, I have ordered the paint for the cabinets and Patrick has taken the doors down to sand and spray them. I can’t wait to say goodbye to that natural wood finish and hello to some beautiful crisp white cabinets!

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