24 Weeks

This week, Baby Scott (still nameless) is about the size of an ear of corn. His face is almost fully developed, so he should look pretty much like he’ll look on his birthday. BabyCenter.com/WebMD.com says hid daddy may even be able to hear his heartbeat if he puts his ear to my tummy. He’s a little bundle of energy and wiggles all over the place most of the time. I’m still feeling pretty good and have kicked into high gear “nesting”, so we’re getting alot accomplished around the house these days. Tahnkfully, Patrick seems to be nesting, too.

Weight: 125? I seriously keep forgetting to get on the scales. Oops. I have an apoointment on the 29th, so we’ll see what the doc says then. I don’t think I’ve gotten noticiable bigger and I’ve been watching what I eat. My clothes that I wore this time last pregnancy seem to be much bigger than I remember, so hopefully I’m not going to get a big as I did with Alston.
Waist Line: approximately 36″
Signs & Symptoms: Besides the usual, I’m pretty symptom free these days.
Looking Forward To: vacation! We’re leaving on the 2nd for a much needed vacay before baby arrives.


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