21 Weeks (and Baby Scott is a…)


(I know this post is almost a whole week late, but last week was quite a doozy. I’m grateful to have had the weekend to recooperate and start this week fresh faced.)

So, Tuesday I had my 21 week OB visit. Everything went very well and we finally got to see Baby Scott on ultrasound again. Was I surprised that it was a boy? Definitely. Maybe even a tiny bit disappointed? Sure. How do I feel now? Ecstactic. I can’t wait for Alston to have a little brother to play with. My dear friend, Sarah, said she always pictured me a mommy to little boys. Funny, becuase I always imagined that myself. We’ve been talking about whether Baby S (who still doesn’t have a name yet) will look just like Alston (who looks more like me, but is a good mixture of Patrick, too) or whether he will look more like Patrick. I can’t wait to find out. 🙂
I also realized, that we already have basically everything that we need. Since the new baby will be born right around Alston’s birthday, all of Alston’s clothes that I kept will be the right season. All we really need is diapers and sweet little Baby S! (I’m sure we’ll end up buying a few new things though.)

Weight: 124 lbs (I’m about 5 lbs. over my goal weight, but my doctor reassures me that I’m gaining weight normally. My face, arms and legs still look pretty normal, so I hope I won’t suddenly turn into a blimp anytime soon. Patrick and I have really started making a more conscious effort to live a healthier life. Less time in front of the tv and healthier dinners and lunches. It seems to be working.
Waist Line: approximately 36″
Signs & Symptoms: Much more energy these days which is great. Saturday, I noticed the veins in my hands bulging out and it seriously freaked me out. (Seriously. I called my mom to ask her if she thought I was okay. lol) After reading online, I noticed thats it seems very common in pregnant women, especially when you are hot or very active. Later, I also noticed my hands and feet were feeling a little puffy, which is also thanks to the heat. Its only the beginning of June and I know its only going to get hotter!
Looking Forward To: planning the nursery! Go here to see all my ideas on my nursery pinboard!


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