19 Weeks

Somehow I skipped week 18. Oops. (Blame it on the pregnant brain!)
At this point in my first pregnancy, it was barely obvious that I was pregnant at all. Not so much this go around. Baby is supposed to be about the size of a mango, and I actually felt a huge bulge sticking out of my tummy yesterday. I could feel a head and back which just seems so strange this early on in pregnancy. This one is all over the place. I have a feeling he or she is going to be a handfull!
Weight: 120 lbs (I’m very much over my goal weight for this week. I don’t really understand how though becuase I’m pretty sure I’m staying within my daily caloric limits. To try to adjust, I’ve cut back on the not-so-healthy stuff and have upped my fiber intake. Yummy.

Waist Line: 34.5″
Signs & Symptoms: Exhaustion. I actually went to the doctor Monday to have my Iron checked because I felt so bad. Turns out my labs were totally normal, I guess I just need more rest. When am I supposed to do that?
Looking Forward To: my next OB visit – May 31st. We should be able to find out the sex of the baby!


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