Yesterday morning was a normal morning. We woke up and turned on the television to watch the weather forecast, like we do every other morning. There was severe weather headed our way and the meteorologist gave us 9 minutes before it reached Pell City. They were reporting it as a thunderstorm but said it should be treated as an F1 tornado. My first thought was that I had a yard full of recently purchased perennials that I wanted to make sure weren’t blown across the yard and damaged. I got up, went outside, moved all my plants to a spot of safety, then went to the back to feed the dogs. I locked them in the shop so they wouldn’t be barking like crazy and had plans of crawling back into bed. As soon as I got back inside, it started pouring rain and I realized the satellite had gone out. Not uncommon at all during a thunderstorm. Then the power went out. It thundered and the wind blew and it passed. It didn’t seem like that serious of a storm.

A few minutes later, we heard a knock at the front door. I opened the door to find Patrick’s step-dad, Keith (Poppa Snuff). He was coming to check on us to make sure we were okay– both of our mothers were unable to get in touch with us. I checked my phone and realized I couldn’t call out. Patrick headed to work and I gathered a few things to go to my mother’s house, so I could get ready and head to work as well…

Keith told us of all the damage through Pell City, but as I made my way into town, I was amazed at how much damage had actually been done. All while we were snuggling, seemingly safe and unaware, in our bed.

Metal roofing and other debris were hanging from power lines.

Many lines were severed…

Many of the beautiful and very old trees that line the streets of downtown Pell City were uprooted and destroyed.

Radio tower at the Sherrif’s Department, bent completely in two.

The metal building that covered Henderson’s Builder’s Supply is upside-down on the next street over.

Crews working to clear fallen trees off of the railroad tracks.

Sewage pipes were uprooted with this massive tree.

Crews mobilizing this morning in the parking lot of the old Food World.

Our neighborhood went completely unscathed – not so much as broken limb or scattered leaves. I decided to stay home as the threat of more sever weather headed out way; thankfully the rest of the storms missed us.
The damages that we received in our little town are nothing compared to the aftermath in other cities across the South East, but they are still shocking nonetheless. We will be keeping all the families affected in our prayers, but know that God is in control.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


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