15 Weeks

This week, baby should be about the size of a naval orange. I can barely believe I’m already a thrid of the way through this pregnancy. Its going by much quicker, but certainly not as easily as my pregnancy with Alston. This time I do have a job and family to keep me busy and quickly pass the time, but I certainly don’t feel as wonderful as I did last time. With Alston, I felt better than I normally did… I felt great! This time, I feel like I’m constantly fighting for energy and sanity. Thankfully, most of my symptoms have started to ease up just a little bit. I also think I’ve started feeling the baby move. I can’t be 100% sure, but last night (while deeply engrossed in House) I felt something. Even now, as I write this post, I think I’m feeling little flutters and tiny little kicks… I’m about 99% positive that the last one I felt was definitely baby.

Weight: 115.2 lbs (when I weighed on Sunday)

Waist Line: 33.5″
Signs & Symptoms: Headaches, backaches, sheer exhaustion. Mood swings, increased appetite, loss of my mind… I can’t complete sentences and somedays I can’t even complete a thought.
Looking Forward To: getting a little work done around the house. We have a massive list of things we’d like to accomplish before baby arrives and we’re finally getting around to checking a few things off!


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