14 Weeks

This week marks the beginning of my second trimester! I can finally look forward to sunnier days… literally and figuratively. They say that every pregnancy is different and boy is that true! This go around has not been such a walk in the park as when I was pregnant with Alston. Probably becuase I have a new house, a full time job and a 2 1/2 year old. Still, I’ve been very blessed to have it pretty easy compared to others. I’m right on track with my weight, and have mapped out my expected weight gain week-by-week fro the rest of my pregnancy. I hope to stay right at the 25 pound mark my OB/GYN has set for me. I’m a relatively small person, so I don’t mind sharing my weight with the world. From now on I’ll just be tracking my actual weight instead of # of pounds I’ve gained.

This week, baby is starting to respond to outside stimuli, so if my abdomen is poked, baby will try to wiggle away! I haven’t felt any movement yet, but there have been a few times I’ve thought I might have. It wasn’t that same “fluttery” feeling that I remember with Alston, so I’m doubtful it was actually the baby.

Weight: 116 lbs
Waist Line: 34.5″
Signs & Symptoms: Headaches are really the only thing I’ve been battling this week. My skin is looking a little better and my mood and energy levels have improved greatly.
Looking Forward To: working on the nursery this weekend. We moved the computer so now its time to start the transformation from junk pile to transitional guest/play room. I’m also looking forward to trying out prenatal yoga. My friend, Sarah, who is 35 weeks pregnant, has loaned me a dvd!


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