The Painted Brick, Part III

I thought I had narrowed down a few paint color favorites. When I went to pick up some paint samples at the Ben Moore store, I quickly realized their choices were very limited. I browsed the selection and chose a color called Cedar key that I thought might work. After comparing the sample to the color on the shop, I decided I had found the perfect match. I patiently waited…

The weather finally improved and I got a chance to test out the paint sample that I picked up for the house. Turns out, its the exact same color thats currently painted on the siding around the front door and its way too light to paint the brick. (See attempt #1. ) Since the local Ben oore place is closed on Saturdays, I decided to see what I could find at Home Depot. I discovered that they tint their samples in store, so for $2.95 you can have a generous sample of any color you choose!

This time, I tried to match a Ben Moore color to a Behr color (attempt #2), but I decided it was too yellow. I want something that coordinates with the siding on the shop…attempt #1 matched it exactly and I wanted a few shades darker. So I made yet another trip back to Home Depot and picked up a third paint sample (attempt #3). Patrick and I both agreed that we like the color and I think it goes well with the color of the siding on the shop.

Here is attempt #3 painted on the siding that surrounds the front door. (When I painted the first sample color on here, it literally disappeared after it dried… it was a perfect match, but not the color I wanted to paint the brick.)

Hopefully, we’ll get to pressure wash and paint the house soon. The stripes aren’t very appealing. Add the fact that our dogs have strewn stuffing all over the yard and we’re definitely lacking some serious curb appeal. I’m sure the neighbors love us. At least the front steps look cute…

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