Kitchen Update (and a death in the family)

As mentioned in my last post, I ran across a picture of a beautiful kitchen that I’ve seen before and it was like love at first sight, again

So after showing the picture to my darling husband, he agreed that our kitchen would look great painted that color, and then added, “So are we going to paint the cabinets white, too?” Love him. I was a little nervous about bringing up the idea of repainting the kitchen, since he hates to paint and has mentioned several times that he likes the color it is now, so I was very pleasantly surprised by his answer, almost downright giddy.

After looking through paint swatches and samples, I’ve decided on a color very similar to the one in the picture I found…

I picked up some paint samples at my local Benjamin Moore store and painted a few test patches on several of the walls in the kitchen. I’ll share those pictures tomorrow!
On a sad note: my wonderful camera of 4 years has bitten the dust. I turned it on Saturday so I could take a few pictures of my kitchen and the screen was all white and kind of frazzled looking. It will be sorely missed. My mom has loaned me her camera (so I won’t miss any cute photo ops of Alston) until I find a replacement. More about that later…

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