What’s cookin’?

My very first thought was to move my home office into the kitchen. It has the most unused space in the whole house, plus the thought of being able to upload pictures, blog or pay bills while cooking dinner is more than appetizing. I wondered if it might be a little strange to have an office desk sitting in the kitchen, but with the help of google, I found some great inspiration.
I’ve seen several built in desks in offices and this one is gorgeous. I contemplated the possibility of adding more cabinetry, but for budget’s sake, I would like to stick with using something we already own.
This kitchen is fabulous and seeing the stand alone desk made me feel better about using what I already have.
I currently have a bulletin/chalk board already hanging in there, so I think its going to be great to have a neat little corner office right in my kitchen. (And what a great way to utilize all that wasted space!) I think I would also like to display my books in the kitchen to fill up some wall space and have them at easy reach. I also might like to have a separate little table for my printer to free up some desk space and possibly another chair for an extra seat.
Here are some great book display/storage options:
$39.00 Amazon
Seen Here (Similar in Black) $81.00 Stacks & Stacks
I thought about a few short shelves just over my desk like the ones here…
I also thought about long shelves running the length of the wall (or the majority of it) but then wondered if it would look weird without something under it, like a countertop. Although, I guess my desk off to one side and maybe a bench on the other it could balance it out…
This picture just makes me drool. I’ve come across it several times. It makes me want to paint my cabinets white so I can paint the walls that lovely minky brown. Swoon.

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