Potty Training in Process

We’ve been working on potty training Alston. He’s really good about going first thing in the morning, when I reward him with a “gummy bear” (Flintstone chewy vitamin). Sometimes he tells us when he has to go and a few times I’ve even found him on the potty when he’s gotten his pull-up and pants down all by himself. #1 is going very well. #2 is another story. If I ever catch him in the act, I try to stop him and quickly rush him to the potty. As you can see below, it usually doesn’t end well.

Like most everything around here, its a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “Potty Training in Process

  1. At least it is a work in progress. Our potty training days are on hold until I get out for the summer. It's too hard for AR to transition from her potty at home to school. She needs several full days at home to get it down pat and one weekend of working with her is not long enough. Hopefully we will be more successful this summer!! Good luck my friend!


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