Howdy Partner…

I’ve been away for a few days. Here is what you’ve missed…

  • Neece was sick, so Alston spent a whole day at school. I left work early to pick him up and we went to the Happy Meal House as a special treat. (I let him eat his ice cream first and he still ate most of his happy meal.) I also had to crawl through the tunnels once with him before he would go by himself. I’m glad I’m still small enough to play at McDonald’s.

  • Alston has become obsessed with all things Toy Story. His favorites are Woody, Buzz, ‘Tatoe Head and Slinky Dog. I’m thinking of planning a Toy Story themed birthday for this year. (I’m sure once I round up all of my ideas I’ll post on that later.) Here’s Alston in his cowboy hat doing his best impression of Woody:
(In case you can’t understand him, he’s saying “Howdy Partner” which he obviously heard from Toy Story as Patrick and I don’t commonly use the phrase.)

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