9 Weeks

Since week seven, our baby grew from the size of a raspberry to a grape and will be the size of a strawberry by the end of this week. It has a more developed body complete with stubby little arms and legs that move. We went for our 8 week check-up and got to see baby on our first ultrasound. It had a heart rate of 174 BPM. All of my facebook friends belive that this means its a girl. However, we won’t get to find out the sex until at least week 16, which begins April 26th.

Weight: 1 lb. (although, I don’t really count this becuase I’m still within my normal weight range)
Waist Line: Approximately 31.5″. I have belly poking out, but most days it just looks like I’ve been eating one too many doughnuts.
Signs & Symptoms: Thankfully the crankiness has pretty much disappeared, but rears its head at times. I’ve been experiencing some very mild nausea in the evenings, but nothing to really complain about.
Looking Forward To: Looking pregnant instead of tubby and getting back into an excercise routine. (The hubs and I have been slacking because he’s had a cold and I’ve been exhausted. Mornings may work better for us.)

Here is our first official picture of Baby Scott, taken at 8 weeks and 3 days.

You can also click on Baby Scott’s tab at the top of the page where I will be keeping track of all of Baby Scott’s pictures.

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