Cable Knit Throw from Restoration Hardware. Isn’t it dreamy? I want to curl up under one. Too bad they’re sold out.

I can not get motivated.

I have tons of little projects sitting around waiting for me to complete them.
Pillows waiting to be sewn…
Candle sticks waiting to be painted…
Artwork waiting to be hung…
Furniture waiting to be moved to a new home…
Wait. That’s Patrick’s department, not mine.

Anyway, I’ve slowly but surely been working in Alston’s room. Its just so hard to come home at night and think about crafting or decorating when the kitchen sink is overflowing with dishes and there are Mr. Potato Head parts strewn everywhere… And I still have to fix dinner… fishsticks and mac n’ cheese is not an acceptable meal good excuse more than once a week. After I finish dinner, load the dishwasher and pick up body parts, all I want to do is curl up and watch Glee.

Fortunately, I’m baking fish for dinner and did the dishes this morning so I’ll have time to get a few things done. Unfortunately, I’ll be cleaning out my closet and putting away clean clothes.


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