Goodbye, Cast!

Thursday we went to the doctor’s office to check-up on Alston’s leg. We were anxious to get our cast off, becuase Alston had litterally worn this one to shreds. See the duct tape? I have been finding little pieces of cast wrap all over the house. Unfortunately the x-ray equipment was down, but thankfully the doc let us have his cast cut off anyway. Alston sat patiently while the nurse used the saw, and wasn’t scared a bit. We were allowed to spend the whole weekend cast-free as long as we wore our boot. Alston came home and took a nice long bath. He surely needed it, because the water was a little murky after letting him soak for while. Yesterday he went back for his x-ray. I was sure he’d need another cast since he has been staying off of his leg as he should have been. Thankfully, the x-rays looked good and he only has to wear the boot for two more weeks.
We will never take bath time forgranted again. 

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