Big News!

That’s right! This little guy is going to be a big brother. At least, that’s what the tests said…

We went to our first doctors appointment on Thursday where their tests confirmed what my home tests told me on Sunday (and then again on Monday). At my first visit, they drew 7 gallons of blood, took my blood pressure and checked my weight, but it was too early for an ultrasound. We go back in 4 weeks to get our first peek at the new addition to our little family. I really wanted to wait before spreading the news, but Patrick was so excited he wanted to tell everyone. Immediately. (We are talking about the same guy who proposed on the side of the road, because he was so excited he couldn’t wait any longer. The man can’t keep secrets.) So to those of you who are friends with him on Facebook and saw where he posted the above picture on Thursday, this is yesterday’s news. Sorry I didn’t get to you first.

We’re very excited to announce that Baby Scott is due October 11, 2011. Just two days after Big Brother’s 3rd birthday and 2 days before my due date with Alston.


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