The Circus

Last Friday, Ashley and I took Alston and Ava Reese to the circus. We had the best time! I met Patrick and Alston at Johnny Rockets for dinner and Ashley and Ava Reese joined us. After eating way too many french fries, we headed downtown.

(The kiddos playing at Johnny Rockets)
We went early to get good parking and see the pre-show, but it was very crowded and we quickly made our way to our seats. We sat in the wrong seats (right seats, wrong section) and ended up having to move all our stuff right as the show began. We bought pennant flags and enjoyed Magic Snow in clown head cups. The kids were suprisingly good. We laughed at them quite a bit and had fun watching them interact with one another.

(Already tired beofer the show has begun.)

Alston fell asleep during the elephant act and I relaxed and watched the rest of the show while he snoozed in my lap.

Ashley got much better pictures than I did. Despite charging my camera battery all day, it managed to run out within the first hour of being there. Here’s my favorite that Ashley took:

Click on over to see the rest of her pictures

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