Alston’s Room – The Layout

I would love to show you what Alston’s room looked like before we moved in and packed it full of all his toys and stuffed animals, but sadly I don’t have a photo. Nor did I take a picture before I rearranged his furniture on Sunday. I also moved a shelf and rehung a picture that I put up a couple of weekends ago. Now I feel like I have a nice clean slate to work with. So here’s what I’m up against…

Now do you see why we need some bins to wrangle all those toys? I have more hidden away in a Rubbermaid container in his closet. I cured my itch for a chalkboard when I found my old art easle in my mom’s basement over the weekend….and its blue! The other side is a dry erase board, but he’s not quite old enough for me to trust with markers. (I originally wanted to move the toybox and paint that wall space with chalkboard paint.) The white furniture and the quilted bedding are too much “baby” and not enough “fun”. I want his room to feel more like a big boy room and less like a nursery. I’m planning on keeping the furniture white, but hoping some fun bedding will do the trick. The dresser came from my mom’s house. It needs some different hardware and maybe even a new paint job. She chose that color when she used it in Alston’s room at her house, but I think its too close to the wall color. I traded her this dresser for his old dresser that had drawers and hanging space, which I no longer used. I’m thinking of painting the drawers navy. I’m still looking for the perfect bedding, but have also been collecting ideas for his frame collage. I really like this stuff.

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