Alston’s Room

I didn’t do much to Alston’s room when we moved in. The walls already had a fresh coat of paint and I was more concerned about getting him settled than decorating. I chose the furniture layout, and my mom did all of the unpacking and organizing. I hung a few things in Alston’s room one weekend, but have since decided its time to redecorate. Here’s a mood board that I created with some of my ideas.

1. Chambray Sheets from Pottery Barn
I love the texture and colors, but I’m not willing to pay the price when the this set is only 200 thread-count.
2. Basket Storage
Alston already has a sweet bookcase that Paw Paw made for me when I was a little girl. It needs some baskets or bins to keep eveything in its proper place. (Image from OhDeeDoh)
3. Chalkboard
I really want to paint the wall between Alston’s bedroom door and closet doors with chalkboard paint. I really love the classic blue and green, but may end up going with black becuase its the cheapest and easiest to find. Plus, colored chalk shows up so much better on black and colored chalk is so much more fun!
4. Pinboard from Restoration Hardware
I would love to have somehwere to showcase artwork and pictures. Of course I won’t be purchasing anything this pricey, but this looks so easy to make! I think even cork tiles would be fun in his room.
5. Frame Collage
I love a good frame collage and have several white frames that need a good home. I love how they’ve filled these with colorful prints and fun pictures.
6. Wall Letters from Restoration Hardware
I loved these when I saw them in the Restoration Hardware Baby &Child catalog, but these would be so easy to paint directly on the wall.
7. Carton by Martha Stewart (available at Home Depot)
This is essentially the color that Alston’s walls are already painted and we’re pretty happy with it.

I’m already planning some furniture changes and hope to start working this weekend. I have quite a few ’round the house projects lined up and I can’t wait to share!

(p.s. I’m doing some furniture swapping so the guest bedroom project is on hold until further notice…)


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