"I Got Colors!"

About two weeks ago, Alston went to spend the night with his Aunt Jo Jo at Mink’s house. It was his very first time to spend the night with someone other than mine or Patrick’s parents. About two hours after I dropped him off, I got a phone call from my sister. She was worried becuase Alston had jumped off the couch and was now limping. She said she thought he hurt his foot. Since he wasn’t crying and seemed to be okay, I told her not to worry about it. Fast-forward 1 week: I decided to take Alston with me to the after-care clinic at the office where my mom works to let her x-ray his foot. He was still limping. She nor the doc on call could see anything on the x-ray so we decided it was probably a sprain. The next week, I got a call from my mom asking that I bring Alston back in. After almost two weeks of limping (even though he was only limping when he ran at this point) we had an appointment to see a doctor who specializes in sports injuries. He x-rayed Alston’s whole leg and found a tiny fracture on his leg below his knee. (This type of injury is very common and often called a Toddler’s Fracture, becuase of the nature of the injury.) Neece had taken Alston to his appointment and I ended up meeting him there as they had just finished up his cast.

He holds it up and says, “I got colors!” Mammy picked them out becuase she thought Alston’s daddy would like them.

We’re supposed to keep him from bearing weight on it… How in the world am I supposed to keep a 2-year-old little monster immobile for 2 weeks? Its impossible. Either way, he goes back next week for a check up where they will decided whether he gets to take it off or has to wear it for two more weeks. Then its off for some physical therapy at Children’s, since the doc thinks he may need some help learning how to use those muscles again.


2 thoughts on “"I Got Colors!"

  1. When Joey told me Alston's let was broken, I couldn't believe it! He really didn't seem to be bothered by his leg at all except for the little limp. Hope things are going well and you're managing to wrangle him ok. Hard for a two year old to not be wild!


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